Self-Awareness & Healing Workshop

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The Importance Of Self Awareness As A Woman

Research shows that self-awareness is directly related to both emotional intelligence and success. It helps you create achievable goals because you can consider your strengths, weaknesses, and what drives you when you are setting goals. As a woman who has or is suffering from GBV or any sort of abuse mentally, physical or emotional it is important to identify the things that trigger us and why we choose to behave in certain ways .


The objective of this workshop is to show our women that by being self aware you now possess the ability to heal and move forward successfully . We also aiming to impart knowledge on what it is to be a victim and how to seek help ,identify the signs/symptoms of GBV and to encourage our women to be able to speak up and “SAY NO TO GBV” . The purpose is to encourage and counsel those woman who have been victimized knowingly and unknowingly ,which we believe will assist them in their personal growth and help them identify and assist other women who may be victims and have not found their voice.

Long Term Goals

Being aware of yourself also helps in identifying what your stressors are, so you can utilize the information to build effective coping mecahnisms. Our goal is to equip the women in our community to be self aware so that they themselves can heal fully and begin to assist their various communities with well founded tools and resources to deal with the ever prevalent problem of gender based violence, soliciting and mental bondage women are often exposed to.

This workshop will be ideal for all women even those who have never been victimized as we aim to grow a community of self sufficient ,empowered and strong women who are there to support each other and their families .

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