Basket Weaving Training For Women

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Basket Weaving As A Skill

There are few arts with longer or more global histories than basket weaving. Pre-dating pottery, baskets were useful for Neolithic hunters and gatherers. Over the millennium, woven containers and furniture became important throughout global cultures for spiritual and aesthetic reasons. Today, basketry is an important and useful cultural practice in many societies. There are countless materials which can be woven into containers of varying size and designs. Basketry artists spend decades refining their craft, but basket weaving is also approachable and satisfying for beginners.

Some of the benefits as witnessed by some of the women attending this class involve

  • Therapeutic – In fact all the women attending this training highlighted how relaxing and stress relieving it is for them and how they could now sit for hours on end weaving and chatting in a environment that is encouraging ,empowering and open to not only hearing but giving sound advice to them in whatever problem they were facing .
  • Income – Though basket weaving is no longer considered for everyday tasks in most places around the globe it has taken more to the side of artistic and is used for decorating ones home or as souvenirs that a fetching quite a handsome sum on the market (Prices vary from &10 t0 as much as $80 depending on the size and intricate pattern used in the making of these ancient yet majestic ornaments . This has become a great source of income to the women of Loratong who are left empowered and excited by the prospect of assisting and providing for their households


The objective of this 2 week training was initially to train women in a art or skill that requires barely any start up capital to make a decent living or to support their spouses in providing amply for their families . Yet it has brought so much more to the lives of these women who now have a sense of belonging ,empowerment and productivity .


We firstly would like to thank all the women who are attending this training for being willing to learn and empower themselves to becoming more productive and for taking the first step by over-coming their fears and building self esteem and confidence in themselves and the group as a whole . A special thank you is reserved to a lady who despite the many challenges she faced growing up aspired and achieved heights very few can boast of ,it is with honor I introduce Mr’s Kebidiwa Thitaku Mapaha Kushonya who went above and beyond in sharing her vast knowledge and experiences in the art of basket weaving .

Read all about her journey here!!

Long Term Impact

It is our belief that the skills we teach the women of our community will enable them to make better choices and not to succumb to the pressures that often come with not having a steady income and talent one can monetize in a way that is uplifting enriching and self satisfying. We believe that through empowerment these women may have a voice and value themselves refusing to accept any sort of gender based violence or soliciting that unfortunately plagues our great country and continent.

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