Basket Weaving

basket weaving training

Basket Weaving Training

The entire training, weeklong stages of preparation showed the ladies the essentials of basket weaving and furthermore enabled them to make attractive things that could prompt more noteworthy financial autonomy. By the end of the training each of the women had successfully weaved at-least one basket. Some benefits of basket weaving :

  • Relaxing and Therapeutic – Basket weaving is an activity that offers the weaver relaxation and satisfaction, whilst inviting peace and calm. By working with your hands, you engage the mind in a different fashion. All of the women who engaged in this training said it was really therapeutic and helped them take their minds off the stresses they experience in their daily lives be it at home or in the workplace .
  • Practical – By making a basket, you are creating something that can be used either for storage of goods or for decorating purposes and souvenirs for tourists to take home from their trips.
  • Easily Monetized – because of the practicality and ever present need for baskets in everyday life they are easily sold. Baskets are also designed in beautiful patterns that resemble or have meaning to certain cultures hence making them marketable to visitors from different backgrounds and cultures .

Weaving is an activity the first human beings on earth did together, which aligns perfectly with our vision of bonding and empowering the women within our communities .