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Loratong Centre was founded in 2019 by Tshenelo Pearl Ncube-Hassen who initially started it off as a place women could come to for counselling and advice . A citizen of Botswana ,married with two kids but eight under her care.

Pearl  Ncube is well known and is very compassionate about community work especially vulnerable children. The journey of community work started at an early stage of her life when she would lead PACT club and HIV/Aids club’s at junior school and helping in fundraising for orphaned/ vulnerable children. Ms Ncube started working at the age of 18 as volunteer in a local non governmental organization, assisting in a kids club which was formed to provide psychosocial support for children living with HIV/AIDS and those from vulnerable backgrounds, later on she studied counseling and started working as a lay counsellor which led her to study Social Work Studies and continued her work in the community through different organizations.

In 2019 she trained as a life coach under Ideal Traits, South Africa where she found the need to expand her work in not just   counselling but guiding and mentoring people who feel stuck in liniting situations, Currently Ms Ncube is studying as Neuro Linguistics Practitioner and Pratises simply principles of healing women and guiding them in goals setting and empowering them to find their freedom and seek Justice.

Loratong Women’s Center came about in 2019 where Ms Ncube would host a small group of women for empowerment sessions but since the number of referrals increased she found it fit to set up an organization where women will be helped through their healing process with no judgement but truth and love (hence why the name Loratong, meaning love)

She envisioned a place where women can be helped with unconditional love while they find themselves and pick up life to move from their limiting beliefs.

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